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It’s that time of year again – time to think about what we want to accomplish next year. Business planning can be daunting for some – but the truth is, it all comes down to how much time you are willing to spend actually doing your job.

What’s that you say? In order to increase production and profit, it’s pretty simple. How much time are you willing to spend recruiting? How much time are you willing to spend coaching? How much time are you willing to spend training?

If your answers resemble the same amount of time you spent on your job this year – then your results will look pretty much the same.

When you get serious about growth; serious about profit, you’ll spend more of your time doing the things that make you money.

Simple isn’t it?


The ‘secret’ is no secret to those of us in the real estate industry – you just gotta do it!

Until you are comitted to setting aside the time necessary to make your daily contacts, it’s unlikely that your results will change. And the surprising thing about making daily contacts is that you are going to get better at it – I think it’s called practice. You may never learn to love recruiting – you’ll love the results.

I remember an in-house loan officer telling me one time that he overheard agents talking about getting recruiting calls and that they were first flattered by it. Then the agent would get a second call and the result was the agent started to actually consider the recruiting company. And then, know what happened next? Just as the agent was getting serious about a possible move – no more calls from the recruiting broker!

It is a process – like a courtship – two people interested in what each other has to say – learning what each other brings to the table and the benefits of the match.

I’m not asking you to stick needles into your eyes – just talk to some people that would be better off working with you and that would also benefit your company by their affiliation.

Why not take this ‘breather’ in the market to reconsider how real estate brokerages are run? How is it that so few brokerages make a profit? How is it acceptable that most of the profit comes from core services and not the residential brokerage itself? What if companies were ranked within the industry by the amount of profit they make? 

Do company owners believe that their managers are up to the job? Is it universally accepted that it can’t be done (making a profit, that is) ? Do company owners actually believe that their managers understand what it takes to keep the lights on – after all, they aren’t the ones that pay the bills? 

Why not now – when things are looking better – take a look at the skill level of management and what needs to be done to improve this important area. Do we really think we can keep putting all of our eggs in the agents’ basket with no skilled support of management to back them up? Do we really believe that we can be effective at recruiting and retention without skilled management?

Are we so fear based that  we have lost all sight of accountability – to the job management was hired to do – and what is expected/required to create the value based management that today’s agent requires?

Why not get serious about profit – and see what happens. Expect business planning. Expect one on one agent coaching. Expect consistent and dynamic training with measured results. Expect technology and social media strategies. It’s all possible – and so is profit. 

It’s that time of year when broker’s focus turns to recruiting – lays the groundwork for next year’s growth and profit. Are you fully prepared? Begin here.

First, Clearly identify qualities of your target agent. Harder to hire when you don’t know what you’re looking for – and even worse, when the people you hire add nothing to your company.

Second, Clearly identify the top three things agents in your marketplace value most right now. Hard to hire when you don’t know what’s important. Clue, use your recruiting interview and carefully listen to their responses.

Third, Clearly identify how affiliating with your company helps agents – use your track record of providing solutions for your current agents.

Begin by clarifying these three basics – it’s amazing how much easier recruiting is when you have a strong foundation.

Are you recruiting from a position of strength? When you get serious about profit, you’ll get serious about your skill level.

I can’t quite figure out why, when we have waited so long for signs of health in the real estate industry – and we finally see signs of life, at least for the present – that the first thing we think of is raising prices.

We all know that we still have millions of foreclosures hanging over our heads and that we have been given a longer window to get our inventory sold – then why are we looking to raise prices when we have finally found pricing levels that are attracting buyers?

I realize that in some markets (mine, too) that there is little inventory and yet even in those markets there is inventory sitting because it’s overpriced for current conditions. I also realize that we are seeing the return of multiple offers and bid-ups by some buyers – but that’s the buyer running up the price and for them that’s a significant difference.

My money is on pricing that will attract today’s buyer – we are not out of this yet. Take advantage of this ‘window’, who knows what’s around the bend for us?

Taking much needed time off can be a great boon to your business. If you need it, do it. 

What better time than between now and Labor Day? Most of the world is at the beach or getting ready to go back to school.

I realize the presumed cost of being away – what about the cost of losing business due to mistakes and missed opportunities – all of which happens when we need a break. 

Take a week or a long weekend and get away – really get away. Leave ‘it’ all behind. Relax and don’t think about ‘it’. Allow your brain to fully unwind – and notice how your creativity returns as does your problem solving ability. 

Taking needed time off is a business expense with measurable rewards – are you packed?

Real estate sales training will result in production increases if:

It provides value under current market conditions – e.g., why train 1031 Exchanges if they’re not relevant

It is repeated and consistent – research shows it takes 7 times to reach comprehension

You use role play – if they can’t role play it in house, why happens when they are with a client?

You use case study – people love stories, and learn from them – they can also be fun

You are able to identify individual strengths and weaknesses in your coaching meetings and relate them to training initiatives – nothing beats 1/1

You focus on getting more of the business that’s being done – are you in a growth mode?

You are plan driven rather than market driven – strategize needed skills e.g., pricing and then measure results (listings sold)

You make training part of your culture – e.g., everyone expects high levels of skill